MYRIADmart is online arm of Myriad Trading.

This online solution markets and sells your companies excess product or services. Each month these approved items are showcased for purchase and can represent significant cost savings.

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Myriad Trading provides a number of options and avenues to clear your stock. If we are using our remarketing network we operate within your identified restrictions or guidelines. In essence your problem stock can be distributed in places or areas where it may develop additional awareness or product support and loyalty, without disrupting current retail or supply channels.


Myriad Trading has the resources to design an effective sales or consumer promotion to suit your product or service. We can develop a concept to fit your brief and combine it with our ability to deliver effective media, point of sale, sourcing, digital and online support.

Marketing Consulting

Myriad Trading helps companies enhance their Marketing effectiveness in areas including;

  • Brand value assessment & enhancement
  • Communications – creative ideas & media
  • Consumer insights & Market gap opportunity – identification & assessment
  • Internal Marketing Training & Development

With a diverse 20 year hands on involvement in mainstream Marketing and Advertising, in Sydney and New York the experience offered to your company through Myriad, is significant.

Our resources and personnel have worked with and have experience with some of Australia’s largest companies including, Kellogg, Nestle, United Airlines and Unilever.


Includes Web, sheet fed and larger format outdoor. Through Myriad Trading you can literally use your excess inventory to partially pay for catalogues, magazines, financial documents, brochures, annual reports, online overprinting and prepress at your market rates.

Combine this with our expertise in logistics and, we can provide you with an “end to end” print solution with savings through out from printing through to delivery at your retail outlet.

Advertising Media

Myriad Trading has access to a variety of above and below the line media services.

Myriad Consulting are market leaders in their field and can provide you with extensive coverage to get your message heard. Whether its outdoor media in a particular state, radio in a single market or pay TV nationally, Myriad are committed to finding better ways to advertise your product or service, and generating additional benefits as part of the process.

Retail Marketing

We can assist with a full suite of resources including design, construction (using a range of materials for either short term or permanent displays), printing, and packaging.

Through our supply partner we can provide your business with any POP display solutions, these include floor stands, counter top displays, banners, posters and much more.

Through our diverse connections we can organise digital displays, assist with any events or expos you may have, as well as signage and branding.

And as with all services provided through Myriad Trading, you can reduce your costs by partially paying for these with your slow moving stock.

Commercial Production

Myriad Trading has access to state of the art commercial production facilities. This supplier and its technicians produce the very best TVC’s available for your television and radio campaigns. Other products or services offered include promotional dvd’s and electronic company manuals.