Myriad’s Professional Services engages significant knowledge, skill and experience across key commercial platforms including:



Supply Chain Logistics

Real Estate

to find better ways of restoring value to underperforming assets.In effect your problem stock may be used to part fund the range of services offered by Myriad Trading.
Myriad provides general advice. We use specialist, best of class, finance, tax, structuring, marketing and supply chain third party professionals who provide advice specific to individual projects.

Global Reach

Myriad Trading and its global affiliates, clients and partner organizations provide secure access to markets and resources that complements value restoration arrangements made in Australasian markets and reciprocals.


Janusian in concept; Myriad relationships are simultaneously client and supplier facing for optimal effectiveness and efficiency. Myriad, client and supplier are aligned as back to back to back agreements for operational performance, transparency and financial security