MYRIADmart is a showcase for approved products and services for eligible Myriad Traders. Listings feature outstanding cost and service characteristics with time and run out limitations with no rainchecks. All products are made available in good faith and subject to both Myriad and supplier terms and conditions.

Each month we feature a snapshot of these offers which, may provide your business either – the solution that you need.

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Interstate Freight - Overnight Pallet Freight

Interstate Freight – Overnight Pallet Freight


Service capacity available for specific service sectors;

  • FTL single and B double palletised freight services – stipulate your benchmark cost and service levels/load frequency / Express or General Service /Service Sectors – call 1300 866 431 or contact Myriad Trading, and prepare to be surprised!
  • Flat/Mezzanine Equipment/Compliance/ Reliability/GPS Tracking/Time Slot Performance/Pallet Control

Warehouse & Office Space Available

Warehouse & Office Space Available

We have a large amount of warehouse and office space available in both Sydney and Melbourne.

The rates are competitive and we can provide a range of services from small short term warehouse storage needs, to a full highly professional 3PL service (including home deliveries)

Call 1300 866 431 or contact Myriad Trading.

LTO Storage Tape

LTO Storage Tape

LTO or Linear Tape Open is one of the best options for any (and every) company seeking to store electronic data.

LTO has many advantages – first; it is produced to International Open Standard, so that quality to ISO is assured. Next is perhaps the biggest advantage of LTO tape – its cost effectiveness as a data storage option. One single LTO5 cartridge can store up to 3TB of data in less than 3 hours. The LTO6 technology provides even greater capacity and an outcome with even more significant cost savings.

Review your data storage media and call 1300 866 431 or contact Myriad Trading to order your requirements.

Graphic Art Production

Graphic Art Production

Full service suite – quality graphic art production facility for time and budget constrained media projects – including;

Creative Writing

    • script and campaign development
    • identifying & contracting the right talent

music licensing etc.

Motion Graphics

  • create show titles/li>
  • branding and 3D animated sequences

Post Production

  • in-house facilities including edit rooms and recording studio
  • full time technicians, producers and directors
  • unmatched production efficiencies

Call 1300 866 431 or contact Myriad Trading.

Raw Materials

Raw Materials

We currently have a significant volume of raw materials.

The product consists of two separate flavours of organic puree.

One of these is an apricot flavour and we ca supply up to 5 tonnes. The product is packed in 220kg Aseptic drums.

The other is a blackcurrant flavour. Specifications are available for both and if you are interested,

please contact Myriad Trading now.

Call 1300 866 431 or contact Myriad Trading.